Triden Dispenser Chrome


Touch-free Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

The Titanium Triden Dispenser is engineered for the classy, original, and courteous.

The Triden Dispenser is Canada’s #1 premium automatic dispenser for soap and sanitizer.

Product Description

Reduce the Spread of Bacteria
Prevent the spread of bacteria with contactless dispensing. To dispense, simply swipe your hand below to activate the infrared motion sensor.

Reduce Plastic Waste
Stop buying single-use plastic bottles and switch to buying in bulk. The Triden Dispenser is compatible with any and all brands of liquid soap. Fill your dispenser up to 700mL with any and all brands of liquid soap or hand sanitizer.

Improve Your Aesthetic
Crafted with corrosion resistant 304 stainless steel for a brilliant metallic finish. An environmentally sustainable solution to boast about.

Save Money
Choose between 5 adjustable liquid levels (0.5-2.5ml) that will help you save up to 75% compared to pump bottles and other dispensers.

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Titanium, Onyx, Ivory